Tension Release

Experience relief from muscle tension and agitation that feels stuck in the body. Provides a vehicle for emotional release and energetic discharge.

Great for those who:

Want to resolve agitation, frustration and short temperedness

Experience chronic tension, stressors and pain

Want to relax, reset, and have a calming session

Tend towards feeling physically or mentally stuck

Focus Enhancement

Increase your mental clarity, focus, and mind-body integration.

Improves cognition and somatic awareness. Reduces disorganization, disconnection and impulsivity.

Great for those who:

Experience ADD, ADHD or


Want to regain mental clarity and focus

Tend towards feeling overwhelmed and mentally “foggy”

Want to reconnect with their inner calm


Targeted for people struggling with low mood, self criticism, and lack of motivation. Cultivates gently stimulating energy and encourages a sense of vitality for life.

Great for those who:

Experience a lack of motivation or drive

Want to feel a refreshed and renewed sense of self

Want to reconnect with themselves and overcome depression

Tend towards self-criticism, and lack of confidence


Best for people who are chronically exhausted, overwhelmed, and just need a break! Provides total relaxation and a deep sense of calm.

Great for those who:

Experience chronic fatigue and exhaustion

Want to feel a deep sense of peace

Want to experience complete inner stillness and calm

Tend towards burn-out and overworking