In-person Workshops & Retreats

About the Soothe Experience

With our professional experiences in the fields of nervous system health, meditation, mental health and physiology, we can bring a next level integrative health experience to people who feel like they are out of options. Our methodology takes a thoughtfully integrated approach using tools from neuromeditation, polyvagal theory, and other nervous system regulating practices.
We offer embodied nervous system intensives at in person venues across the United States. By coming in person and working directly with us, we experience a phenomenon called Co Regulation, which means that our nervous systems develop therapeutic resonance with each other. Nervous system and trauma healing work is more effective and long lasting when experiencing a these live, group settings.
Our unique protocols are immersive. Whether it is a weekend or week long intensive, having time together in a safe place allows us to provide physical and sensory experiences where sound, light, visualization, vocalizations, fascia release, and simple movement practices are combined, ensuring you will leave with a refreshed and renewed nervous system.
Classes taught at our workshops & retreats:

Focus Enhancement

Increase your mental clarity, focus, and mind-body integration. Improves cognition and somatic awareness. Reduces disorganization, disconnection and impulsivity.
Great for those who:


Targeted for people struggling with low mood, self criticism, and lack of motivation. Cultivates gently stimulating energy and encourages a sense of vitality for life.
Great for those who:


Best for people who are chronically exhausted, overwhelmed, and just need a break! Provides total relaxation and a deep sense of calm.
Great for those who: