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Soothe Wellness now brings you 1-on-1 customized meditation and lifestyle coaching sessions. These private sessions are thoughtfully designed to enable people with trauma, depression, ADHD, PTSD and dysregulated nervous systems to receive the full benefits of meditation in a way that is approachable, accessible and sustainable.

Our resident NeuroMeditation Instructor Mike Welch understands that people with trauma, PTSD other types of nervous system dysregulation have a notoriously difficult time with lifestyle and meditation practices. His compassionate, structured approach meets you where you are and offers a clear path to progression as you gain mastery of new tools and techniques.

To read more about NeuroMeditation, Visit the Neuromeditation Institute.

Meditation has profound, healing effects on the brain

The changes that happen in the brain through meditation have been scientifically validated through numerous clinical studies. It has been shown to have a direct effect of reducing symptoms of PTSD, which often involve lower activation in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain involved in learning, socializing, and decision making, and higher levels of activation in the hypothalamus, the part of the brain involved in fear, emotional and survival responses.

A gentle practice that makes a dramatic physical change

Consistent practice has been shown to increase activity in prefrontal cortex and reduce activity in the hypothalamus- exactly what someone with PTSD needs! This directly impacts the experience of mental health symptoms related to trauma and PTSD. Meditation has the potential to restructure these areas of the brain so that you actually experience the world in a calmer, more connected, and peaceful way.

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Meditation coaching sessions include education and instruction, guided meditation practices, breath work, visualization, gentle movements, and spiritual coaching as desired.

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One hour of NeuroMeditation coaching, tailored to your needs.

Prepay three months of weekly sessions

(12 sessions – save $50)

Prepay two months of weekly sessions

(8 sessions – save $30)

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