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Experience profound levels of relaxation and relief with an innovative approach to nervous system health.

What's the Soothe Experience like?

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Embodied Nervous System Reset Experiences

Overwhelmed by the rigors, pressure and stressors of modern life? Tired of other calming techniques not getting you better results?
Our innovative approach to nervous system health helps you reach profound new levels of relaxation and relief.

It's time to Experience Soothe


Our programs help people soothe their dysregulated nervous systems with a uniquely integrated approach of restorative neural resiliency practices providing the protocols, tools and guidance to help you access profound levels of relaxation and relief.


Chronic Stress

Poor Concentration and Attention

Trauma & PTSD

Exhaustion and Fatigue

Anxiety & Depression

Chronic Tension and Pain

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Your Receptivity to Healing starts with your Brain State


Join us for unique and immersive sensory experiences where sounds, light, visualization, vocalization, and simple movement practices are combined, ensuring you leave with a refreshed and renewed nervous system.

Our Programs

Our programs help people soothe their dysregulated nervous systems through personalized and customized programs for tension release, focus enhancement, uplifting and energizing or tranquility and peace.

Menu of Services


Experience relief from muscle tension and agitation that feels stuck in the body. Provides a vehicle for emotional release and energetic discharge.

Focus Enhancement

Increase your mental clarity, focus and mind-body integration. Improves cognition and somatic awareness. Reduces disorganization, disconnection and impulsivity.


Targeted for people struggling with low mood, self criticism, and lack of motivation. Cultivates gently stimulating energy and encourages a sense of vitality for life.


Best for people who are chronically exhausted, overwhelmed, and just need a break! Provides total relaxation and a deep sense of calm.

Meet Your Guides

Mike and Jen share a passion for nervous system health and want to share our integrated knowledge and philosophies with others who struggle in similar ways. We have developed unique protocols using both traditional philosophies and modern neuroscience research for an effective approach to nervous system healing.