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Private Sessions & Workshops

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Combining the best from mind-body wellness

With our professional experiences in the fields of nervous system health, meditation, mental health and physiology, we can bring a next level integrative health experience to people who feel like they are out of options. Our methodology takes a thoughtfully integrated approach using tools from neuromeditation, polyvagal theory, and other nervous system regulating practices.

Combating the symptoms of chronic stress

Our customers are looking for relief from the rigors and stressors of modern day life. People need resources to THRIVE, not just survive. Even when basic stress management tools are utilized, it is often not enough to make a significant impact in the complex symptoms that arise from long term chronic stress and tension in the body and mind.

Immersive unique protocols

These unique protocols guide participants through an immersive sensory experience where sound, light, visualization, vocalizations, and simple movement practices are combined, ensuring you will leave with a refreshed and renewed nervous system. The best part about our workshops is that we’ll bring this experience to you, and will set up at your studio to bring your most chronically activated clients the best quality services.